The third issue of Annals of Nursing


In the third issue of Annals of Nursing you will have the opportunity to read four reviews and one original article. In his review article about noise and Alzheimer’s disease author Goran Belojević, Editor-in- Chief of Annals of Nursing, presents up-to-date scientific information on the possible relationship between acoustic stress and the most common type of dementia. Authors Stojanovic et al. have prepared an interesting review about social isolation and loneliness (SI&L) among the elderly as a very important public health problem. Authors Veličković and Živojinović are bringing a comprehensive review about the types of medical waste (MW), regulatory acts, risks of exposure to MW, management procedures and control techniques. Authors Vlaisavljević et al. have prepared an interesting original article about nursing interventions for patients with cardiac pacemakers (CP). Professor Lubica Argalasova, our dear member of the Editorial Board, presents an excellent and up-to-date review of secondhand smoke (SHS) and its effects on maternal health, child health and intervention possibilities.