The forth issue of Annals of Nursing


We are proudly completing the first volume of Annals of Nursing. In the fourth issue, there is the Book of Abstracts of the International Conference “Developmental Educational Path of Nursing in the Balkans” that will be held in Loznica and Tršić, Serbia, from November 2–5, 2023. From the letter of Dr. Željko Vlaisavljević, the conference chairman, you will have the opportunity to learn in more detail about the topics that will be presented and discussed at the conference. In a professional paper on psychiatric nursing, authors Živanović et al. present the importance of mental hygiene in nursing patients at psychiatric wards. Paunović et al. are bringing a comprehensive review of HPV testing for the prevention and early detection of cervical cancer.

The third issue of Annals of Nursing


In the third issue of Annals of Nursing you will have the opportunity to read four reviews and one original article. In his review article about noise and Alzheimer’s disease author Goran Belojević, Editor-in- Chief of Annals of Nursing, presents up-to-date scientific information on the possible relationship between acoustic stress and the most common type of dementia. Authors Stojanovic et al. have prepared an interesting review about social isolation and loneliness (SI&L) among the elderly as a very important public health problem. Authors Veličković and Živojinović are bringing a comprehensive review about the types of medical waste (MW), regulatory acts, risks of exposure to MW, management procedures and control techniques. Authors Vlaisavljević et al. have prepared an interesting original article about nursing interventions for patients with cardiac pacemakers (CP). Professor Lubica Argalasova, our dear member of the Editorial Board, presents an excellent and up-to-date review of secondhand smoke (SHS) and its effects on maternal health, child health and intervention possibilities.

The second issue of Annals of Nursing


We are proudly launching our second issue. In this issue of Annals of Nursing, we learn about cyberattacks on healthcare systems from authors Jasmina Veličković and Katarina Jonev Ćiraković. In a comprehensive review article, the authors present the classification, historical data, consequences, and protection against cyberattacks on healthcare information systems. As we live in the Internet era this knowledge is useful both for doctors and nurses. Medicine has gained enormously from Internet use but there are also risks healthcare systems have to be aware of and continuously cooperate with cybersecurity experts.

You can submit your own original articles


Our platform for online paper submission will be officially active on 10th December, 2022. More information about paper submission is on our submission page. All instructions for authors can be found on our instructions page.

Platform for online article submission


We are preparing a platform for the online submission of your own original articles. You can find more information about manuscript submission on our submission page.

The first issue of Annals of Nursing


We are proudly launching our first issue. In the first issue of “Annals of Nursing” let us present three papers of high interest for nurses. In his review about hospital cleaning, Goran Belojevic, Editor-in-Chief, gives an up-to-date overview of optimal methods of hospital cleaning and the prevention of healthcare-associated infections. Gordana Ristovska, a member of the Editorial Board, has written a valuable review about food allergies, the problem that every nurse and health technician may expect in their practice. Finally, it is our pleasure to publish an original paper by Vojin Vidanovć and Anita Kovačić Popović, the professors of The Medika College about the students’ attitudes regarding the nursing profession.

The official launch of our journal


We are proudly launching “Annals of Nursing”, the first international journal in the field of nursing, based in Serbia. As the official journal of the Medika College for Vocational Studies in Healthcare, Belgrade, “Annals of Nursing” will promote good science and practice in nursing. We will publish original scientific articles, reviews, case reports, and commentaries on nursing from the whole world. The international editorial board will do its best to keep the highest standards in scientific publishing.